Terms of Agreement

We are an Ultimate Players' Association [UPA] sanctioned event, therefore, you must print and sign the UPA waiver before you can play.

SPIRIT OF THE GAME! Know the rules. We play by 11th Edition Rules and referee ourselves accordingly. Help your teammates and other league members understand both the official and the spirit rules.

Game are to be played to 15 (no win-by-two). Teams have one 90-second timeout per half plus one floater. If the game goes into universe (i.e. is tied 14-14), then each team has one timeout remaining, regardless of how many they had, unless it is timecap. If a timecap is called, teams do NOT have any timeouts once the cap is on.

There is a "no-tolerance" violence and verbal harassment policy. Any punch thrown, or even attempted, will be referred to the league organizers, and that player will most likely be ejected from the league for the balance of the season. Other intentional violence or harassment will be treated in the same way, and the decision to eject or suspend will rest solely with the organizers.

All injuries beyond minor scrapes and bruises must be reported to team captains, who may have you fill out an injury report. This is part of our sanctioning requirements and we ask that everyone comply.

If there is a dispute over use of the field space with another group or individuals please contact parks enforcement at (646)-613-1200.

Keep the fields clean and remove all garbage and other debris following the game. Avoid using glass bottles if possible. Do not bring Alcohol and/or any illegal/banned substances. We must present the highest degree of organizational professionalism in order to maintain a positive relationship with the Parks Department. Failure to do any of the foregoing may result in the loss of our permit

All games need to start on time as noted on the schedule. If teams don't have at least 5 players at start time then the game can be delayed but for no more than 15 minutes. However, once both teams have at least 5 players (5 men is acceptable) then games should be started.

Points can be assessed. A team must have 5 players to play a game within 15 minutes of scheduled start time. At 10 minutes past start time, if one team has at least 5, they can start assessing 1 point per five minutes. For example, the score is 1 - 0 at 10 min, 2 - 0 at 15 min, etc.. If the opposing team gets at least 5 players by 15 minutes past start time, then the score could start off as high as 3 - 0. If your opponent does not have 5 players within 15 minutes of start time, then the game is considered a forfeit.

Forfeits result in a 0-0 score with a loss for the forfeiting team and a win for the fielded team. If both teams are unable to take the field, it is considered a double forfeit and each team is given a loss.

If lightning or a field's lack of playability forces a game to be cancelled the league coordinators should be contacted and the game will likely be made up at a later date. If a game is stopped for whatever reason, the following applies:

  1. If the game is past half-time (at least one team has 8 or more points), the game is over and the team with the higher score has won.
  2. If the game has not reached half-time, the game will be continued at a later date starting from the score reached before stoppage.

No Foot Blocks

Blocking a throw with your foot after an obvious attempt to do so when on the mark is now considered a foul. If called, the disc will be returned to the thrower and a new stall count should be initiated. If you attempt a foot block when the thrower is faking, this is also a foul as the intention is a banned play. If you foot block a disc when not on the mark (three meters or more away), such as when you are an off-point in the cup, this is not a foul. The interest is increased player safety. Discouraging foot blocks by making them a foul is meant to prevent injuries like we've seen in the past.

Gender Ratio

We will playing a 5/2 league (captains may also agree to 4/3).

One team may not force the other team to play with less than 5 men on the field under any circumstance (unless captains agree otherwise).

In the event that for Team A, less than two women show up, see table below:


Team A Women

Team B Women

Format (Men/Women)


0 0 7/0 This is the only situation in which 7 men can play at once
0 1 or 2 6/0 Offense dictates; Team A may only play 6/0 on offense if Team B has 6 men or more. Team A must match on defense
0 3 or more 5/0 Team A plays 5/0
1 1 6/1 Either team can play 6/0 to give their woman a rest, but the other team does not have to match
1 2 or 3 6/1 Offense dictates; Team A may only play 6/1 on offense if Team B has 6 men or more. Team A must match on defense
1 4 or more 5/1 Offense dictates; Team A may only choose to play 5/1 or 5/0 on offense